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Pierre Fitch (Dick)

Like our hugely successful Fleshlight Girls® brand, each Fleshjack Boys product is an exact replica of the star's anatomy. Pierre's Dildo is molded from his actual anatomy using medical-grade silicone and marks a return for Fleshlight to manufacturing silicone dildos. Each product also includes a signed postcard featuring Pierre Fitch.

What Comes With This Product?

Length from base to tip: 8.25" (21cm) including balls
Insertable length: 6.75" (17.5cm) excluding balls
Circumference of shaft: 5.5" (14cm)
Material: Medical-grade silicone
Color: Realistic flesh tone

Cleaning instructions:
Wash with warm water and antibacterial hand soap. It is safe to use soap with Fleshjack dildos because they are made from silicone, but take care not to use soap with your Fleshjack masturbation sleeves as the sleeves are made from a different material which can be damaged by soap.

With proper usage your Dildo will give you a lifetime of enjoyment!