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Sexy DeskMates

Johlee 3D
Johlee 3D
Deskmates 2005

Deskmates are the next step in the evolution of screen mates for a more exciting and interactive playmate.

A deskmate is designed to play on your desktop and entertain you while you work. Most are cartoon animations of animals or people doing amusing things and you will be surprised how much entertainment an animated character can be! They move around your screen similar to some screen savers but you can still use your computer while the deskmate is active.

Deskmates PC Cartoon AnimationsEnter a new dimension on your desktop with a 3D deskmate. Johlee 3D was the first sexy 3D babe to hit the desktop wit hundreds of animated sequences plus 21 touch reaction movements. Johlee will continue to do things you have not seen before for a long time after you buy her! The Free Johlee Download contains 4 general animation sequences and 4 of Johlee's touch reaction sequences to get you started.

Deskmates PC Cartoon AnimationsBut why settle for one sexy play toy? Two girls are better than one! Double the attitude - double the fun! Sugar-n-Spice are the latest to join the erotic 3D lineup. These girls are more naughty than nice with hundreds of individual animated moves and 46 touch reaction sequences. You never have to worry about these girls feeling neglected, just leave Sugar and Spice to their own devices and they will amuse each other and you with fun and entertaining animation sequences. Get a taste for Sugar n' Spice with their Free Demonstration which contains 4 general animation sequences and 4 of their touch reaction sequences.

We've all seen the various 'desktop pets' you can get such as Catz and Dogz, Creatures and such, but the team at Oska Deskmates aim to provide the ultimate adult desktop entertainment that doesn't take forever to download or use up all your computer system resources.

Deskmates 2005Deskmates 2005 are a compilation of 12 sensational girls looking for a place to call home!

Another recent newcomer to the animation family is Maeka The free download contains 4 general animation sequences and 2 of Maeka's touch reaction sequences. That's only a fraction of the full product but it gives you a taste of what's ahead when you register. The fully registered version of Maeka has in excess of 15000 individual hand drawn cels. This means she has hundreds of individual animated sequences including a total of 10 touch reaction sequences.

How about having your very own supermodel living on your desktop for your sole entertainment! Tahni is a welcome distraction and responds to your clicks in dozens of different ways, and when left to her own devices she will amuse herself by going snow boarding, scuba diving, riding a green bouncing blob or just reading a book.

If you are looking for something a bit racier, try our animated Kahli. She's got Tahni's looks, reacts to being 'touched' and has various idle-time rests similar to other Oska Deskmates, but this sexy playmate takes things to another level. Be warned - there is nudity, or at least the cartoon version of it when Kahli is around! We suppose if you are underage or are offended by that type of stuff you may want to steer clear of her, but from what we've seen it's pretty tame stuff. Nothing XXX Rated perhaps more along the lines of R-Rated.

Deskmates PC Cartoon AnimationsIf you're not into the supermodel or sexy type then you can always check out Oska who is a lil' Koala Bear or learn more about touch reactions with TeeCee the gorilla, both have all the same fun features as Tahni.

For people who prefer deskmate entertaiment that provides plenty of laughter we suggest downloading FatB, with his rugged looks, fashion style and slobbish behaviour he is guaranteed to liven up your desktop action, however be prepared for some funny but rude body noises and a few less than hygenic nose picking encounters! Whatever your tastes, Oska Deskmates has something to cater for all!


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