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Why kiss someone

Fleshlight New ZealandPeople have a natural tendency to express their love and tenderness to each other by words and touching. Kissing, the touching of somebody else's lips or other parts of the body with the lips, is one of the most intimate and sensual acts that humans can perform. While it's true that some cultures reject the idea of using the lips to convey these feelings, most people across the world kiss. And they love every minute of it.

Fleshlight New ZealandKissing has been praised in songs, poetry, painting and writing since the dawn of these arts. Love has always been a major theme for men and women, and all its aspects have been given ample coverage. Since kissing is usually an early step to the more serious aspects of both the physical and emotional parts of love, it has been celebrated by artists.

A poet begging for the sweet kiss of his lady was simply speaking of love and sex in terms that could be publicly stated without attracting criticism. It was, however, clear for everybody that kisses were only the beginning. Just like the rest of the body, lips respond to our emotions and help underscore various feelings. Lip movements are part of the general body language since the early days or every human.

Babies show their content and pleasure by smiling. This is not learnt from their parents, but an instinct. And, largely, so is kissing, which is probably akin to the exploration by touch and taste common to all infants. In time, the child develops other ways of exploring his world and kissing takes the place of tasting. Kissing is the first major expression of physical attraction between two people.

It's a major and undeniable step that binds two people together much more than glances or whispered promises. People kiss to express their feelings of love and tenderness. They also kiss to reinforce these feelings and to assert a certain sense of possession and exclusivity. The ideal kiss is long and passionate, but the actual kiss depends on mood, place, time available and the experience of both partners.

The bottom line is that people enjoy both the physical sensation and the emotional binding they find in kisses. Kisses enhance intimacy and pave the way for sex, cuddling and shared love. They make people feel good and, frankly, we can hardly imagine social life without kissing.


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Why kiss someone

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