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Sex Moves Girls Hate

Sex Moves Girls HateSometimes I think porn movies and even standard movies have a lot to answer for when it comes to portraying a woman having sex with a man and what she really enjoys and what turns her on. Surprise guys – we don’t always scream and thrash around like a b-grade actor in a horror flick as soon as you take your clothes off and jump on top of us!

Okay, so there is some maneuvering required to make headboard banging, sweating bodies, tangled sheets intercourse, but most of us girls don’t really want to do the entire 110 Top Sex Positions in one evening and change positions every 15 seconds. Not all of us have graduated as top grade gymnasts and too many positions in one go can be more distracting than enjoyable and if it gets in the way of our orgasm…look out!

Sex Moves Girls HateUnlike those crazy porn star chicks who can do 20 positions in as many seconds, the majority of us require a steady and continuous motion to build up to our climax. Hey, we are all for trying out different positions and configurations but let us at least have some time to enjoy each position before moving on, and there is always next time for those positions we didn’t get to try out last night.

In the movies it always looks pretty hot when food is used in a lovemaking scene, and yes it oozes sex. However using food ‘down there’ as a sex stimulant may seem exciting to some men but anything edible below the belt could create some very unappetizing problems. Many foods such as chocolate sauces and fruit can possibly change pH levels in women’s genital, which can result in an infection – ick! As for your fantasy regarding spraying alcohol into our private parts, keep it at that - just a fantasy! A friend advised me that there was nothing sexy about watching his girlfriend race into the bathroom, crying in pain because the expensive alcohol he poured into her vagina had turned from a mild tingle into a sharp burning pain. Hey, we still want the sexy food sensation but please remember to keep the whipped cream and other foods that excite you above the waist, alternatively find a flavored lubricant that’s safe to use on our nether regions and bon appetit!

Sex Moves Girls HateWhat is it about some men and our breasts? Instead of treating them as precious vessels you attack them like a radio with broken dials, twisting and pulling away to your hearts content. Yes, sometimes we like it a little rough but you mustn’t forget that our breasts are also capable of being very sensitive. Please handle our boobs with care and keep the groping, biting, twisting and yanking to a minimum unless we advise otherwise.

Sex Moves Girls HateHow many porn stars can you fit in a spa? Plenty, if you have watched an aqua theme adult DVD lately. Hey I’m the first to agree that the steam, jets and naked, wet, shiny flesh make it seem like the ideal place to get some sex action, however in reality – this is not so! Chlorine and other chemicals in a hot tub can be drying and the water actually washes away a girl’s natural lubrication. Lubeless friction can create discomfort and also teeny-weeny cuts that can result in infections from any bacteria in the spa water. So using the spa bath as part of your foreplay action is definitely all right with us but when you are ready for the main event we would prefer to be out of the spa pool.

Don’t panic boys, our list of moves that don’t always spin our wheels isn’t that big, really!

Basically we love it when you touch our bodies and treat us like the beautiful, sexy individuals that we are. We all have different tastes and what rocks one girls boat isn’t always what will make you flavor of the month with your next girl, but by experimenting, using common sense and listening to your girlfriend will ensure you both have a lot of sexual fun.



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