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Women's Health

Women’s health is very important today as women are a central part of the family and are depended on greatly by their children, husbands, parents, and grandchildren.

A Woman’s Orgasm - Myth Becomes Fact

2011-01-26 08:53:32

Sometimes it seems women are experiencing orgasms anywhere and everywhere! Was it not so long ago that none of our girlfriends had experienced an orgasm? Now many women are left feeling as if they are the only ones who have not experienced an earth shattering orgasm.

What is further astounding is that many of these same women who believe they are incapable of an orgasm have actually experienced an orgasm or come very close. Let’s face it a woman’s orgasm is not always the screaming and...

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About Women's Health

2011-01-26 08:54:18

Women’s health is very important today as women are a central part of the family and are depended on greatly by their children, husbands, parents, and grandchildren.

There are many women-related problem areas like pregnancy, abortion, menopause and osteoporosis, which are significant issues for so many women today. Women are often bombarded with too much information about how to cure these problems, so that they become confused, yet still no less worried. Every two weeks a new study em...

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Aging & Old Age

2011-01-26 08:55:09

Every year, People spend billions of dollars on products, from vitamins to face creams, to stop aging. We worry about many things such as losing our memory, teeth, eyesight, hearing, sex drive, and ability to get around. Women can have special concerns about osteoporosis (thinning bones) and menopause As we age, staying active and involved helps us to have a positive outlook on life. A healthy diet and regular exercise can ease common conditions like arthritis and can help prevent or contr...

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Alopecia & Hair Loss

2011-01-26 08:56:03

Bad hair days. We have all had them and know how they can ruin our day. Hair is something we notice right away about a person. When a woman has hair thinning or falling out, it can have a big impact on how she feels about herself. The most common type of hair loss in women is female pattern alopecia or baldness. It affects women mostly after menopause, although it can start as early as the pre-teenage years. Causes can include physical stress such as surgery and illness, emotional stress, ...

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2011-01-26 08:56:54

Cancer takes a huge toll on American women. By the end of 2001, some 625,000 women will have been diagnosed with cancer, and about 267,300 women will have died of the disease. Fifty-eight percent of the estimated 8.9 million cancer survivors today are women. Cancers that are specific to or affect women in high numbers include breast, cervical, endometrial (uterine), ovarian, lung, skin, and colorectal cancers, as well as AIDS-associated cancers. Breast cancer is the most frequent type of n...

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Cosmetic Surgery

2011-01-26 08:57:35

Most people want to look and feel their best. Many of us, at times, are not happy with the way we look. Cosmetic, or plastic, surgery can help a person change what they do not like about their appearance. It can make severe acne scars less noticeable, remove fat (liposuction), lessen wrinkles, fix crooked noses, and get rid of double chins. Women can have their breast size increased or decreased. Lasers can zap away varicose and spider veins and remove unwanted hair for good.

A woman'...

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2011-01-26 08:58:17

About 16 million Americans have diabetes and the numbers are growing every day. Obesity (being overweight), aging, and the couch-potato lifestyle increase a person's risk for diabetes. Children can also get diabetes. During pregnancy, diabetes can occur, which goes away when the pregnancy is over.

But this can put a woman at increased risk for developing diabetes when she is older. People who have diabetes have higher than normal blood sugar levels, which prevents their bodies from get...

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Eating Disorders. Get Help!

2011-01-26 08:59:21

How can you tell if you or someone you know has an eating disorder? Over five million American men and women of all ages, race and income levels have eating disorders. Bulimia nervosa is an eating disorder where a person binges, or eats a large amount of food all at once and then purges, or forces themselves to vomit, takes laxatives, or diuretics (water pills). Starving yourself by eating very little or nothing at all is another eating disorder called anorexia nervosa. People who have thi...

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HIV/AIDS Prevention

2011-01-26 09:00:05

HIV/AIDS is the third leading cause of death in women aged 25 to 44. For African-American women aged 25 to 44, it is the number one cause of death. The number of women getting infected with HIV has increased greatly in the past 10 years, particularly for younger women.

HIV is the virus that causes AIDS. HIV weakens the body's immune system, causing infections and illnesses in a person that they otherwise could fight off.

With major advances in treatment, HIV is becoming a chronic (...

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Information on Lupus

2011-01-26 09:07:38

Autoimmune disease is the fourth leading cause of disability in women. There are over 80 different disorders, such as lupus, multiple sclerosis, and rheumatoid arthritis.

Seventy-five percent of these illnesses occur in women, mostly of childbearing age. Lupus is three times more common in African-American women, even though women of all races get lupus. With autoimmune disease a person's immune system, which fights off disease and infection, attacks healthy tissue, making a person sic...

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Same Man, Hotter Sex Tips

2011-07-01 11:29:45

Same Man, Hotter Sex TipsOnce you pass the two-year mark, the heat in the bedroom can start to cool... But only if you let it! Stop the slump and keep things scorching with this spicy advice

When you first get together, sex is priority number one - who cares about sleep? Or work? Or really, anything that doesn’t involve getting naked? But over time, the urgency to tear off each other’s clothes on sight gives way to more mundane activities, such as eating breakfast and showering. Yawn. Sure, nobody plans for th...

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Learn about Nutrition, Eat Right!

2011-01-26 09:08:22

Chances are you find yourself standing in line or sitting in the drive-through some days for a quick meal. You are not alone. Every day about one out of five Americans eats takeout from a fast-food restaurant. As convenient as this is, most of the time, this food does not give a woman's body what she needs to be healthy and fit.

Eating healthy does much more than give your body fuel to keep going. It can help prevent disease and improve your quality of life. The better your diet, the b...

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