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Sexual Advice

LoveCentriaOur site has just been recently created to give you comprehensive independent reviews of the most important sex guides available on the internet today. We strongly believe that this is really necessary, as the number of sites that claim to offer sex advice and techniques is continually growing, and it's getting harder each day to choose the sex guide that best suits your needs, at the same time without wasting your time and money on some site that doesn't provide you with anything.

Also, we have tried to give our readers access to some free content taken from what we believe to be the best sex guides on the internet today. Most of our free articles have been published here courtesy of This is the site that we must strongly recommend to all of you that are looking for quality sex-related material.

As I said before, our site is focused on giving you information about the best sex guides available on the internet. We have tried to put together as much information as possible, we cannot claim though that we have tried each and every site out there. We tried to cover the most popular sex guides. Still, the criteria on which our rating is based is not popularity, but mainly the quality and quantity of the content that these sites provide.

We also tried to analyze the type of content that these sites have to offer. We believe that multimedia extras can really make the difference when it comes to a quality sex guide, so this was one of our main rating criteria, the site that had the most pictures and explanatory videos had to be rated first. So this is the top list of currently rated sex guides, if you have any suggestions about other sites we could review and rate, please help as improve, as our goal is to help you become a better lover :

As we tried to give you only the most relevant content, and also we tried to review these sites as thoroughly as possible, we were not able to include information on some other good quality sex guide sites. Please keep re-checking our site, we will try to update it as often as posible.

Sexual performance

2011-01-26 08:11:08

Fleshlight New ZealandSex is a beautiful thing that adds so much to our lives. It's really hard to imagine life without the physical intimacy that enlivens our nights and inflames our imagination during the day. Well, we all know that men have sex on their minds at all times, so much so in fact that women often complain about this mindset.

However, the long hours spent on the Internet and the huge amounts of freely available porn have started to attract even the women. Since magazines tell them to be open-m...

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What is Kama Sutra?

2011-01-26 08:12:02

Fleshlight New ZealandOf all the treasures of learning that Europeans have acquired from the Far East, Kama Sutra is perhaps the best known, along with Yoga and Buddhism. The 20th century was a time of change in Europe and Northern America, a time when the gates of closed cultures opened to the wisdom of other peoples and reached out to the entire world.

Out of the bewildering multitude of ideas, practices, beliefs and taboos, the Europeans and Americans could not help but feel attracted to what was probabl...

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What is Tantra?

2011-01-26 08:12:43

Fleshlight New ZealandPeople living in Western Europe and North America have long been fascinated with foreign cultures, beliefs and traditions that are so different from their own. The group of traditions coming from the Far East that have caught the interest of Western people includes Yoga, Buddhism and Tantra. From the Middle East, the Western world has taken the Kabala movement and a lot of Arab architecture influences, while the African continent gave us sculpture and painting.

In this article we are g...

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When should I go in for the first kiss

2011-01-26 08:13:37

Fleshlight New ZealandAlthough love and sex are things that make our lives better in every way, a lot of stress is associated with certain parts of these delightful activities. The first touch, the first kiss, the first night spent together, all these beginnings are very stressful for both partners. Most people think that it's on occasions like this that relationships are made or broken, but the issue is still up for debate.

Not everybody gets it right the first time and two people having sex for the first ...

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Why kiss someone

2011-01-26 08:14:39

Fleshlight New ZealandPeople have a natural tendency to express their love and tenderness to each other by words and touching. Kissing, the touching of somebody else's lips or other parts of the body with the lips, is one of the most intimate and sensual acts that humans can perform. While it's true that some cultures reject the idea of using the lips to convey these feelings, most people across the world kiss. And they love every minute of it.

Fleshlight New ZealandKissing has been praised in songs, poetry, painting and writing...

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Same Man, Hotter Sex Tips

2011-07-01 11:29:45

Same Man, Hotter Sex TipsOnce you pass the two-year mark, the heat in the bedroom can start to cool... But only if you let it! Stop the slump and keep things scorching with this spicy advice

When you first get together, sex is priority number one - who cares about sleep? Or work? Or really, anything that doesn’t involve getting naked? But over time, the urgency to tear off each other’s clothes on sight gives way to more mundane activities, such as eating breakfast and showering. Yawn. Sure, nobody plans for th...

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Importance Of Sex

2011-01-26 08:01:19

Fleshlight New ZealandRelationships, affairs, one-night stands, marriages. All these words mean more or less the same type of link between two persons. The only difference lies in the time the two spend together, in what they do together and in the details that give a distinct personality to their: relationship.

In most cases, the thing that brings two persons together is physical attraction, which is sooner or later followed by the complex dance of passion. Most lasting relationships are built around quali...

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K-Y® Brand - Enhance your Intimacy

2011-01-26 08:02:13

Make sex a priority

Hectic lifestyles often mean we're too busy running from here to there, and often by the time you hit the sheets exhausted, sex is the last thing on your mind. But just as you make time to go to the gym or do the weekly shop, it's important to schedule some one-on-one time with your partner. While we're not suggesting you give up spontaneity altogether, if you and your partner are finding it difficult to find time for sex, make a date and time, and stick to it.


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K-Y® Brand - Frequently Asked Questions

2011-01-26 08:02:58

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Low Male Libido

2011-01-26 08:03:51

Low Male LibidoAs men age, many suffer a decrease in sex drive. This isn't as natural as you'd think; in a study conducted by the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), men still on average feel as much sexual desire as they did in their middle age. There's more at play here than simply getting older.

So, find out why you're just not up for it like you used to be. There are many factors that could be to blame, both physical and emotional. Most cases of low libido are mental rather than physi...

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Perfecting Kissing

2011-01-26 08:04:45

Fleshlight New ZealandIt all starts with glances and maybe a few words. Then the glances turn into stares and a feeling sets the heart to throbbing and before you know it, ideas like sex and love start adding double meanings to everything you say to her and everything you hear from her. And with the first dates comes the first big moment: kissing.

Thing is, women like good kissers. Actually, women are crazy about good kissers. Of course, a man should have a couple of other qualities aside from kissing, othe...

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Pills and sexual performance

2011-01-26 08:05:34

Fleshlight New ZealandThere comes a time in every man's life when the penis refuses to budge, regardless of the urgency of the situation. Given the amount of stress in our lives, the unhealthy lifestyle choices that most of us make and the ever present stream of bad news pouring from the TV, it's no wonder that sometimes we find it difficult to perform. Coming home from work late and tired is not the best prelude to sex ever.

I mean, who has time for foreplay and tenderness when the body aches with fatigue ...

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