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Miss EditorAs a savvy and experienced player of the dating and relationship games Miss Editor has joined the ranks of Fleshlight New Zealand to provide her own honest and occasionally ‘tongue in cheek’ opinions and advice as she wades through the minefields generated by dating and relationships.

If you are interested in a relationship, already in a relationship or wanting to get out of a relationship from hell, male or female, then Miss Editor has the informative articles to help save you from blowing that first date to spicing up a flagging sex life to satisfying your own sexual needs!

Miss EditorMajority of people have experienced at least one serious relationship in their life and will no doubt have had their heart broken in the process or been left feeling cheated or confused when the ‘happily ever after’ ending that was envisaged has crumbled into dust and tears. Miss Editor has been heart broken and also been the heart breaker, so now is the chance to learn from her past mistakes and experiences!

Many wonderful people are failing miserably in the dating game, are you too pushy or perhaps too timid? Maybe you have been left behind while your friends are wrapped up in their cosy twosome world because they know the rules of the dating game better than you, so now is your chance to become savvy in the dating world too.

At some stage we have all longed to be that wonderful couple wrapped up in their little world and oblivious to everyone and their surroundings, have you ever wondered if they are guilty of overdosing on intimacy and what you can do to prevent this happening to your relationship? No one wants to talk about the couple struggling to breach the intimacy break down that has gradually increased over time but we have been left wondering why some couples seem to lack a zest for each other while other couples cannot seem to keep their hands off each other - no matter how many years they have been together. Miss Editor will endeavor to uncover the tricks of the trade that make some relationships hot and others not!

Miss EditorHow come your ex managed to find your G Spot so easily and your new partner cannot? Do you want to learn to satisfy yourself more and what exactly is the male and female G Spot? No matter how sexually active or experienced you think you are, Miss Editor promises to delve into the good and the bad of dating and relationship sex on our behalf. From masturbation, to making your partner squeal with delight, the one night stand and the perversely exciting world of adult toys and accessories, Miss Editor promises to give us the good and not so good low down on sex for grown ups!

Join Miss Editor as she dishes out her own invigorating food for thought on anything and everything to do with the adult world of dating and relationships drawing on her own experiences from dating, marriage, divorce and relationships. For those of you requiring urgent dating or relationship attention you can email Miss Editor at you may give her inspiration for her next article!

Dating Mistakes

2011-01-25 07:50:37

Dating MistakesYou’ve had enough of miserable first dates, blind dates and the horrid long patches of no dates, so when Mr Relationship Possibility appears in your life you are suddenly plunged into the exciting and stressful world of ‘meeting a new man’ and the minefield of dating rules that apply.

In your ideal world Mr Relationship Possibility would be worshiping the ground you walk on within the first date and he will just grin in pride and self assurance as you throw around phrases such as “we ...

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Guide to Flirting

2011-01-25 07:53:49

FlirtingMost of us have at some stage during our life experienced the exhilarating rush felt during a fantastic flirting session! It may have been something as quick as a lightening bolt moment of eye contact with the cute person across the bar or a 30-minute dialogue with the interesting and witty stranger at your local café. The ‘thrill of the hunt’ is another reason why a flirtatious moment can leave you buzzing with sexual excitement but either way, the flushed, excited and highly desirable fe...

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Love Deepening Strategies

2011-01-25 07:56:22

Love Deepening StrategiesSubtle Ways to Bond with Your Partner

You have see them in the street, the exuberant couple that finish each other’s sentences and have fine-tuned the art of reading each other’s body language and moods. Why does it seem that some couples seem to emanate a blissful and seemingly super-close bond while the rest of us are left in the background floundering through suffocating over-the-top romantic gestures and conversations which only seem to create more distance with your partner?


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How to Meet Men

2011-01-25 07:55:33

How to Meet Men"Where have all the decent single guys gone?"

This was the wailing question repeatedly chanted as my best friend sat on my couch sobbing her baby blues out. The gory details unfolded as she despaired over a fruitless month spent looking for Mr Right and failing to find anything remotely suitable – not even a decent Mr You’ll Do For Now!

What is a single girl to do short of entering a few Wet T-Shirt and Butt Of The Night competitions to meet a man?

How to Meet MenIt seems that all the arti...

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Men Who Like Porn

2011-01-25 07:59:51

Men Who Like PornWhat is it about men and pornography? From teenage boys with a ‘wrist mag’ to the middle-aged executive with a cyberporn gold account, it seems our men just can’t get enough of porn!

In all honesty, I have never really given porn much thought, I don’t think it’s bad, but then again I don’t think it’s that great either. I just cannot fathom how anyone can become sexually aroused watching a woman twisted over the photocopier grunting through fake multiple orgasms while some seriously chu...

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Pleasuring Men

2011-01-25 08:01:08

Pleasuring MenWhat He Really Wants In Bed

Well, besides oral sex, what does your man really, really want?

Ok girls, quit guessing your way through every illustrated position in The New Joy of Sex because you are way off track! What men really crave in bed… attitude baby - and plenty of it!

Think about it, how many occasions has a man initiated sexual intercourse with you? Lets face it, sometimes a guy can get utterly fed up and bored with forever being the one instigating sexual encounter...

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Sex Drive Destroyers

2011-01-25 08:32:46

Sex Drive DestroyersAs the responsibilities of adulthood engulf your every day living you sometimes discover that the potent desire you had for sex as a teenager has diminished drastically. What has happened to your sex life? Where has it gone and more importantly, why has it gone? I have delved into the world of the flagging libido and have listed what I believe are some of the number one killers of your sex drive and some helpful tips on overcoming these killers.

Sex Drive DestroyersSex Destroyer - Life

Over time the...

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Sex Moves Girls Hate

2011-01-25 08:34:30

Sex Moves Girls HateSometimes I think porn movies and even standard movies have a lot to answer for when it comes to portraying a woman having sex with a man and what she really enjoys and what turns her on. Surprise guys – we don’t always scream and thrash around like a b-grade actor in a horror flick as soon as you take your clothes off and jump on top of us!

Okay, so there is some maneuvering required to make headboard banging, sweating bodies, tangled sheets intercourse, but most of us girls don’t re...

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Sexy Dining Guide

2011-01-25 08:35:24

Sexy Dining GuideFood, romance and sex - they seem to fit together as the ultimate indulgent threesome. Images of decadent Belgium chocolates being sucked by sexy, glossy full lips, creamy sauces being licked slowly off a finger, caviar, oysters and champagne, the list of foods that bring sex to mind is endless. Sensual foods are now more than just a way to a man’s heart, sexy food is the new aphrodisiac for successful dating and romance.

Nothing impresses a woman more than a lavish dinner date. From ...

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Top 10 Unusual Sex Practices

2011-01-25 08:36:41

Top 10 Unusual Sex PracticesWhen it comes to sex and what turns me on and off, I have to say that I’m pretty mainstream with no really unusual fetishes, however I discovered recently that a sexual act which I would consider totally outrageous is considered ‘normal’ by one of my close friends! Now this really threw a spanner in the works! What constitutes ‘normal’ sex practices and what is considered unusual and more importantly, who makes these judgements? After a heated debate on this matter which covered all avenue...

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When She's Upset

2011-01-25 08:37:32

When She's UpsetYou don’t have to read any relationship guide books to realize that men and women deal with sadness and bad moods differently!

Men don’t want to sit down for a therapy discussion on the argument they had with their mate over beer brands and girls don’t appreciate “get over it” and “move on” comments when they’ve had a falling out with a girlfriend.

When She's UpsetSometimes I am jealous of the male species! Men are so simple and up-front with feelings and affairs of the hea...

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