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Mr. Limpy
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Is it cold in here? The extra small mr. limpy is perfect to antagonize your small-statured friend, or as a great gift for your recently married ex-girlfriend. The opportunities for humiliation are virtually limitless, and we preemptively applaud your creativity.?

The fan favorite of Fleshlight® masturbation product users everywhere, Mr. Limpy™ is always the life of the party! Made from the same Real Feel Super Skin® as Fleshlight Masturbation Sleeves, you can stretch it, swing it, pull it, pack it, or use it as a "gag" gift, if you know what we mean. Great for bachelor and bachelorette parties or simply left out on your coffee table, Mr. Limpy is a great conversation starter and ice breaker. Frequently used by trans gendered men as a packer. Just don't expect to pitch a tent with it (Mr.Limpy is more of a novelty than a sex toy). After all, it's Mr. Limpy, and he's been under a lot of stress lately. Available in pink in four different sizes.

Available Colors: Pink, Fleshtone and Caramel
Size: Extra Small
Length: 3.5 inches