Sex In A Can

Fleshlight New Zealand suppliers of the #1 Selling Male Sex Toy in the World!

The Sex In A Can is a lighter, smaller version of the Fleshlight that makes for easy carrying and storing. The inside canal is a 1/2" (13 mm) diameter and textured similar to the Wonder Wave, with the waves being fatter and slightly more separated. This is a good change for the frequent user who is well rehearsed with the full size Fleshlight. Not only is the insert tighter, but the orifice is smaller too.  The whole can itself measures about 7 inches (178 mm) in length, compared to the normal 10 inch (254 mm) Fleshlight case. The size of the SIAC makes it favored by less endowed men. An additional difference is that the bottom of the can has a hole in it, not a screw on cap. You can regulate the suction easily by covering it with your finger.

Sex In A Can comes in;  O'Doyles Stout (Butt), Sukit Draft (Mouth), Lady Lager (Vaginia)

Jack's Soda - Gape Soda (Butt orifice - Wonderwave texture), Cherry Pop (Butt orifice - Forbidden texture), Banana Cream Soda (Mouth orifice - Swallow texture)

Vampire Sex In A Can - Fleshjack - Count Cockula, (gay male vampire) Fleshlight - Succu Dry